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Food for thought

6 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Massachusetts

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Thanksgiving is one of the most underrated American holidays. After all, there’s no Thanksgiving tree, buying presents for loved ones, or dressing up in silly costumes for this holiday. However, Thanksgiving is the very best for spending time with friends and family, and also eating some yummy food! In Massachusetts, there are so many exciting celebrations happening, as well. Here are six ideas on how you can celebrate your Thanksgiving in Massachusetts!

  1. Check out the Thanksgiving parade in Plymouth, MA

To get the most out of your Massachusetts Thanksgiving festivities, head to Plymouth the Saturday before the big day. America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade kicks off at Benny’s Plaza. This parade includes military bands, a fife, drum and bugle corps, beautiful handmade floats, and more.

  1. Sign up for the Turkey Trot in Norwood, MA

To get in shape for that big Thanksgiving feast, consider signing up for the Norwood Turkey Trot and run. There’s a fun run for the kids, too! Get out and enjoy your community at this wonderful annual event.

  1. Donate to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank in Lowell, MA

You may donate canned or boxed food or may make a monetary donation instead. Help make Thanksgiving a day of feasting and celebrating for those who might not be able to afford it otherwise.

  1. Detour to Duxbury, MA to visit Bongi’s Turkey Roost

Bongi’s Turkey Roost will sell you a farm fresh raw turkey or you can buy it already roasted and ready to warm up on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Help others with Boston Cares in Boston, MA

Head into Boston for countless volunteer opportunities in the days before Thanksgiving or even on Thanksgiving Day. Help fill bags and boxes at soup kitchens, deliver groceries to needy families or serve our veterans Thanksgiving Dinner. Boston Cares will help match you with the appropriate volunteer opportunity that meets your schedule.

  1. Do some Black Friday shopping at Kingston Collection in Kingston, MA

This sprawling mall is guaranteed to have a store where you can find a holiday gift for every member of the family!

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4 Reasons Why Some Art is so Expensive

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The term “artist” describes a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, sculptor, novelist, poet, filmmaker, and even a musician. Art is such a broad term because there are so many various forms of art. Art is defined as “works produced by human creative skill and imagination.” So, if everyone has the potential for creative skill and imagination, why is some art SO expensive?

Here are a few reasons why some art is extremely costly:

  1. It’s hard to put a value on art.

The value of art is determined by the perceiver. The same piece of art can be meaningful to one person, and completely meaningless to another. However, factors like the size of the artwork, the age of the artwork, the artist, and if it has been bought before are important to take into consideration when placing a value on a piece of art.

  1. Supply and demand.

Many pieces of artwork receive an increased value after the artist has passed away because artwork by that person becomes limited. The demand for this artwork increases, which also increases the cost.

  1. Art is seen as an easy investment.

Art’s value is constantly changing. One day, it could be worth a million dollars, but a decade later, it could be worth so much more than that. Because of this, wealthy people sometimes purchase art for the purpose of gaining more wealth rather than to have the artwork.

  1. Practicing art is expensive.

The supplies needed to create good-quality art can be very costly. Creating art also takes a lot of time. It’s also difficult for artists to sell their work for a reasonable price locally. This is why artists are usually called starving artists. Because the mediums to create the artwork are expensive, and it takes hours upon hours to finally have the piece of artwork completed, the value of the art increases tremendously.

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