Original Gyotaku Fish Rubbings
Framed in Genuine Driftwood


Fish Taken Out of the Clear Blue Water
for the Most Accurate Artistic Depiction


Artwork Specialized in
Professional Acrylics and India Inks


I often find that if I can synergize my thoughts of the fish at sea and paint brush, it will show in the work. -John F. Doherty, Artist


Now Available: Stain Resistant, No Fuss Placemats


All Gyotaku fish prints are IGEN prints on  Premium Archival Matte Paper, and those with frames include a 1/8″ thick clear acrylic and foamcore backing kit.

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Driftwood trays are made from genuine pieces of driftwood with galvanized dock cleats for handles. Melamine serving trays are thick, dishwasher safe, and excellent quality.

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Note cards

These whimsical  single light swithplates are made of metal with the lobster image baked in then sealed.  Sturdy and chip resistant. Perfect for any beach house.

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Adorned with original Gyotaku artwork. Stain resistant laminated placemat allows easy NO-FUSS clean up. 100% Vinyl. Mix and match – buy as many or as few as you’d like!

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Fish Art Testimonials

I received my placemats in February and have been using them ever since. I only need two so I have shared the other two with my parents and they love them also. They even bring their two placements back to my home for our weekly dinners. Great quality and I look forward to having them a long time


Dramatic, perfect image and color. Great size for a placemat, well constructed so they should last forever.
I love looking at the fish on the placemats, because they are so exact and beautiful. Great gifts, too!


The artwork on the placements is wonderful...beautiful...graceful. I am so looking forward to using them and setting the table for a beautiful yet casual meal of some scrumptious freshly caught fish. Thank you.


My wife and I love the fish artwork of John Doherty. They make a beautiful and unique gift that my entire family loves. I initially bought a couple of pieces for my wife and me, but I then went back and bought pieces as Christmas gifts for my friends and family who love the ocean. Everyone raves about the beautiful artwork.

Peter N.

Bought 10 of the fish placemats over a year ago. They look as cool and are in as good condition as when I bought them even though we use them every meal every day. They look cool and are great conversation starters (how they are made, what the symbol means, etc.) that they are perfect for casual meals and when we have guests. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

Ted L.

Your products are first quality. The placemats and trays fit so easily into a suitcase, they are a great gift to take to a hostess, or to carry home from your trip.

Patty T.

I have been dealing with FishAye for over 5 to six years, ever since I discovered a print I bought displayed in Belmont Center. I have also had the products in craft fairs where they have sold out quickly. I have found the company dependable and a joy to work with. I would certainly recommend them.

Patti D.

These prints are unique, with vibrant colors, variety, and impeccably crafted. They are perfect for a beach house, a business, or a downtown loft. The owner is beyond accommodating and friendly, in addition to being really talented. Can't wait to see my spouses reaction upon opening this gift!

Michael F.

Beautiful artwork and the owner, John, is such a nice guy! Love all his work!


Unique placemats brighten up our dining room table. Excellent quality!

David H.

FishAye Trading Company has awesome products for your home decor. I love the framed prints with various fish and done in beautiful driftwood frames. I have purchased about 2 dozen placemats that are so durable and colorful---these also make wonderful gifts. I have several of the trays and use them all year round with the lobster and starfish and fish graphics. Great customer service and products shipped quickly! You will be thrilled--enjoy!

Martha N.

Gyotaku Fish Prints

Gyotaku is the traditional Japanese method of printing fish, a practice which dates back to the mid-1800s. This form of nature printing may have been used by fishermen to record their catches, but has also become an art form of its own.

Each fish rubbing is unique. The set up can be changed in a variety of ways. We use a broad range of fish prints or inks. The printing stock can vary from the gentlest rice paper to a much firmer canvas.


Our unique items are handmade with the fish rubbing process also known as Gyotaku. The Gyotaku technique allows for a truly accurate image of all the details in each fish.

Each of our fish art creations is made right here in the United States of America, off the beautiful coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

All of our framed nautical artwork is made with reclaimed cedar wood, so no trees are harmed in the creation of our work.